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Jun 02 2013

The Role of Parents

The longer I am in teaching, the more I feel that the biggest factor in (the vast majority of) students’ academic success is their parents.  Although there have been instances where a teacher or other school faculty member has had the power to turn a kid around, I believe that the most fundamental element is the parent.
I was reading a book at the beach yesterday titled, “Do You Know Enough About Me to Teach Me?” that chronicles the perspectives and stories of four different urban students – some of whom are high achievers, some of whom are low achievers.   The book considers a kid who lives in a single-parent household, and whose mother works one job from 8am – 3pm and another job from 4pm – 11pm.  This child has no supervision when he comes home from school, and therefore no one to remind him to complete his homework…

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So yesterday I had an incident at school.   Long story short: my kids were behaving like absolute zoo animals.  It was just like what you see in the movies — kids throwing pencils at each other, yelling, screaming, boys chasing each other around the room, kids throwing each others’ stuff in the trash as…

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To preface this post: no I’m not pregnant, no I don’t have a baby, no I don’t have a secret younger sibling that you all never knew about. When the school year starts, that’s when I lose touch with/stop communicating with the outside world regularly.  Finally, when I get a break for school vacation or…

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